Mexican culture is one of duality. And sometimes, in that ambivalence, we use the same word to describe two opposite ideas. Similarly, the expression “¡Perra suerte!” is both a way of vocalizing frustration in the face of misfortune, and also an envious response towards somebody else’s good luck, as in: “¡Qué perra suerte tiene!” (How darn lucky she/he is!).

Thus, Perra Suerte synthesizes this deep contrast that make the backbone of our culture and idiosyncrasy; celebration and tragedy, happiness and bitterness, comedy and drama, life and death; Perra Suerte is a tough life & some good luck.



Raicilla Perra Suerte is an agave destillate handcrafted in a stunning valley among the Sierra of Jalisco, where the wild Maximiliana Agaves live for almost 8 years long in order to turn their spirit into this pure and tasty elixir.

Raicilla Perra Suerte, 100% Maximiliana Agave, owns a translucent appearance, in the nose the aroma of fresh herbs and vegetables predominates, on the palate there is a fruity flavor and volatile bitter notes, with light floral and caramel tones. In the mouth the permanence is short and in the center of the palate; the aftertaste is dominated by ferment of tropical fruits, coconut and berries, responding to flavors and aromas typical of the Sierra region and with a unique personality achieved by our Maestro Raicillero Don Aristeo Macedo.


Don Aristeo is a Maestro that has a deep care for his land, preserving the agricultural best practices and the traditions of his beloved town; he is the living proof of a person that respects the cultural value of his community, therefore he only knows one way to make raicilla: the way his people like it!

Type: Raicilla de la Sierra.

Town: Mascota, Jalisco; at 1,600 meters above the sea level.

Agave: Maximiliana Baker, one of the few agaves species that mostly reproduces by seeds.

Category: Joven Blanco.

Process: Small Batch – Artesanal (Handcrafted).

Agave Growth: 8 years, semi-wild.

Cook / Oven: Cooked for 3 days in adobe oven, heated with wood from native oak species of the Sierra de Jalisco.

Milling (Crushing): Axe & Crusher.

Water: Collected from a natural spring located in the mountain.

Fermentation: Natural, from 8 to 10 days.

Distillation: Distilled naturally 1 time in a hybrid still; the traditional way of doing it in the Sierra of Jalisco.

Vol. Alcohol: 38%

Proudly awarded at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021: Double Gold Medal on Tasting, Double Gold Medal on Bottle Design and the Best of Class in our category!